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ISOC study reveals Pakistan’s potential for becoming a transit hub for the region!

(Islamabad 17th November ’15) The Internet Society (ISOC) in collaboration with Asian Development Bank (ADB) and UN ESCAP is conducting a regional study of ten countries from Central Asia, the Caucuses and South Asia (including Pakistan), focusing on Internet infrastructure and related issues. Speaking with the media, the Asia-Pacific head of ISOC,  Mr. Rajnesh Singh explained that the study will be released later this year but shared some advance findings with the media regarding Pakistan. This synopsis highlighted some of the opportunities along with some major challenges that are faced by the region, and Pakistan specifically. The report is the third in a series of studies by ISOC that looks at sub-regional Internet ecosystems and their level of progress towards transitioning to a digital economy - where the Internet is the underlying driver of all sectors across an economy. The report highlighted that, although Pakistan has the lowest Internet user density (users per 100 i