#Enchante Launches its #EnchantePowerWomen Campaign to Celebrate #WomensDay!

As women, juggling the many roles life throws our way, it’s true that just a single day can never be enough to celebrate women or cherish their many attributes and contributions to society, in general, and men, in particular. Though it’s good to have a day to say it out loud and tell women how special they are!

For this women’s day, Enchante’ has launched a campaign to celebrate all these special women who are working tirelessly in their specific domains and doing extraordinary things. The campaign covered women from fields like fashion to education and art to technology. All these wonderful ladies received some very pretty tokens of appreciation from the brand and a note to thank them for being true to themselves.

This campaign is all about celebrating the resilience and courage of these women against all odds and breaking the stereotypes attached to the gender.

Enchante’ is an exquisite silver jewelry brand which shows off excellent craftsmanship in its delicate 925 silver jewelry. The brand’s target audience is strong, professional women who have a unique sense of style and who are not afraid to wear something bold and beautiful.

Check our few of their stunning designs.

Another amazing product line is their calligraphy line, in which they create bespoke pendants, rings and bracelets for women and cuff-links and key-rings for men. It's a bold fashion statement for those who want to stand out and be noticed.

For more details: www.enchante.com.pk

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