Donate to LRBT - Give Someone the Gift of Sight this Ramadan!

Karachi… our beautiful city of lights is also the Philanthropic Capital of the World (highest per capita donation and charity). It has always been very kind and welcoming to everyone. We have some of the world’s best Social Welfare Organizations in here, like Edhi Foundation, SIUT, Saylani Welfare International Trust, Indus Hospital, Aman Foundation, Ebrahim AliBhai Charitable Trust, and last but not the least Layton Rahmatulla Benevolent Trust (LRBT).

LRBT works in the area of Eye Care and is one of the largest trusts in Pakistan. They have been working for past 31 years and are operating 19 hospitals and 55 clinics in different areas where they have treated 32 million underprivileged people for eye related issues, ranging from simple refraction to the most advanced retinal surgery and corneal transplants.

The reason for writing this is to let you know that they need our help in terms of donations in this holy month of Ramadan. Our donations can help people in retaining or restoring the gift of sight. They perform more than 1000 surgeries per day. On average, it costs USD 80 (PKR 8368) for restoring a child’s sight and USD 27 (PKR 2829) for an adult. 

The number of people in Pakistan with visual impairment is crossing 21 million and out of these, 2.5 million are children. As much as 80% of these issues can be cured but due to the lack of resources these people never get good health care services.

We can change this by helping LRBT. Let’s give someone the gift of sight this Ramadan!

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