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Transpay Global in Pakistan!

Technology has revolutionized every part of our lives but most of all, it has changed the way we work. Started from the inclusion of computer systems in the workplace to Management Information Systems and now Cloud Solutions, Technology has made things faster, easier and more accessible for all of us.

Apart from managing business processes, it has also changed the way we hire and collaborate with other professionals. The new business model is the Outsourcing model and with the increase in the available internet bandwidth, the work desk has gradually shifted from a corporate office to the freelancer’s home. Now we have access to skilled resources from all around the world and hiring has become even simpler with the emergence of freelancing platforms that bridge the gap between the employer and the contractor.

More and more people are switching towards freelancing due to the freedom it brings to one’s life, for example, the ability to manage your own schedule, hourly rates and picking up desired work contracts. With the rise of freelancing, there came a need for payment solutions because the work is now being done 24/7 around the globe.

Transpay is a global mass payments solutions provider for leading marketplaces in the freelance, vacation rental, e-commerce, international payroll, affiliate commissions and other sharing economy business models. The aim is to provide the smartest, quickest and free of cost way to receive money around the globe. It is serving in more than 120 countries with 200,000 + payment pickup points. The head quarter is located in New York but they have a Global presence and their recent move was to hire a country manager for Pakistan.

Pakistan ranks 4 in the top 10 freelancing countries around the globe and our workers have a great reputation when it comes to work ethics and quality. Due to currency difference and abundance of skilled resources, Pakistan’s younger generation sees great opportunities in it.

Mohsin Muzaffer, country manager for Transpay in Pakistan is a known freelancer himself and was previously associated with one of the biggest freelancing platform in the world in a similar capacity. His hiring has given the company a local presence. When we spoke to him about Transpay’s standout features, he said that the platform is approved by State Bank of Pakistan and it is the biggest banking collaboration ever happened here. The best part is the payment processing time where most withdraws hit the local banks within 24 hours.

Transpay Pakistan is fostering the freelance community in Pakistan by hosting and participating in related events. Their first event happened in Lahore on 1st May, 2016 where prominent freelancers from the city participated and talked about their experiences. Another meetup happened in Islamabad on 21st July, 2016 with the same agenda. This gesture was well received by the freelancing community and it gave them an opportunity to get to know about this payments solution and to network with other freelancers.

If you want to use Transpay for the withdrawal of your payments, you need to follow the below steps. 
  • Attach your bank account within your freelancing platform(s). It will be attached in real-time (other payments methods can take 8 or more working days to approve).
  • Once you want to withdraw, you can do that with just one click.
  • Most of the payments will be received within the same day in your bank account.
  • Exchange rates are good and in case of any issues you can talk to the local representative about it (such a relief!).

Transpay is helping Pakistani freelancers to overcome the cross border payment hassles and its goal is to make people feel safe about using payment solutions for withdrawing their funds. They are also looking for partnering with various players in the local marketplace to help people in starting their freelancing careers.

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