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#HamariPehchan - Independence Day Celebrations at Dolmen Malls

Dolmen Mall, Pakistan’s first international standard mall, is famous for being at the forefront of every major national celebration. With every event, they have continued to raise the bar when it comes to family entertainment and shopping in Karachi. As our Independence Day approaches, we see the city changing itself to represent the  colors  of Pakistan, and Dolmen did not stay behind in giving its visitors a  flavor  of patriotism. This year, their theme, ‘Dolmen loves Pakistan’, was weaved around the concept of #HamariPehchan aimed at giving people a chance to celebrate Pakistan’s identity. Spanning across all three malls, namely Dolmen Mall Clifton, Dolman Mall Tariq Road and Dolmen Mall Hyderi, the event kicked off on 12 th of August 2016. “ Living in a time where there is so much uncertainty and negativity surrounding our identity as a nation, we wanted to celebrate the achievements and entertainment aspects of Pakistan which we are known for. These things are 

#U4HKAajse - A movement by Nestle Pakistan

"Creating a world that is truly fit for children does not imply simply the absence of war. It means having the confidence that our children would not die of measles or malaria. It means having access to clean water and proper sanitation. It means having primary schools nearby that educate children, free of charge. It means changing the world with children, ensuring their right to participate, and that their views are heard and considered. It means building a world fit for children, where every child can grow to adulthood in health, peace and dignity." - Carol Bellamy, Chairman of the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund Children are precious and it’s our collective duty to take care of this beautiful part of our existence as they carry hope and happiness for us as a society. Children’s health is a big concern across the globe and we have many national and international initiatives specifically targeted towards keeping our children healthy, safe and to prov

#PakistanSelfie - An App For Taking Independence Day Selfies!

Independence Day is just around the corner and we can see the preparations for the grand celebrations everywhere. Most of all, we will see so many Independence Day selfies on Social media during 13 th and 14 th August. Now, we have an app for that too. Check out Pakistan Selfie ! The app will tell you exactly what to do.  It’s pretty neat and easy to use.   You can either take a selfie or select one from your gallery. On selecting Camera, the app will access your front camera, you will see a face marker too. Adjust your face in it and take a picture. The next step is to select a filter, this app comes with five different filters, you can select the one you like and let the app do its magic. You will also note, that you can’t apply these filters to anything other than a face, the reason is the use of Facial Recognition Technology. This app detects a face and its features such as eyes, eyebrows, forehead, nose, and lips, etc., and paint whatever filt