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#iDroidOnYayvo - A New Smartphone Brand

On Friday, by TCS invited bloggers to unveil the new smartphone brand they have just launched locally. iDroid USA Technologies has partnered with them to exclusively launch one of its flagship products, the iDroid Balr X7 in Pakistan . At a launch event held in Karachi, tech bloggers and writers from all over Pakistan met and interacted with the iDroid Balr X7. The event welcomed Salman Hasan, CEO of TCS ECOM Pvt Ltd, Zubeer Tariq and Jawad Qureshi, Co-founders of iDroid. Adeel Choudhry, the face of and Ali Gul Pir were also present at the launch event. The iDroid Balr X7 is priced only at Rs 9,499, and offers these features to its customers - a 5.5 inch HD screen, a Quad Core 1.3 GHz processor, an 8 MP back camera, a 5 MP front camera, 2800 mAh battery, equipped with the latest Gesture Technology and iDro Beast speakers. The phone comes in two colors: black and champagne gold. This smartphone is now set to make its next waves in Pakistan.

#IBAKarachi Wins USASBE’s Award for #WomenxPakistan

USASBE Names IBA Karachi’s Womenx (a World-Bank funded) Program as 2017 Outstanding Specialty Entrepreneurship Program Award Winner. The United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE) named IBA Karachi’s Womenx (a World-Bank funded initiative) Entrepreneurship Program the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Specialty Entrepreneurship Program. USASBE is internationally recognized as the premier association for entrepreneurship education and has ranked entrepreneurial programs since 1990. Dr. Shahid Qureshi, Program Director AMAN CED received the award on behalf of IBA at the ceremony held on 21 st  January 2017 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Outstanding Specialty Entrepreneurship Program Award is given to a college or university that has developed and currently still offers a high quality and innovative program, the purpose of which is to educate and train future generations of entrepreneurs in a niche or specialty area. This award is giv

#WomenInTechPK – First Focus Group Roundup!

#WomenInTechPK is a community building project that we have started in the Q4 of 2016. The initial idea was to have a platform where women who are directly or indirectly related to Tech can join in and get to know each other. We started from a Facebook group and within weeks managed to collect over 1000 members. From Software Engineers to Entrepreneurs, from Digital Marketers to Researchers and from Activists to Professors, we are reaching out to everyone to join in and be part of this vibrant community. We have five admins and nine moderators in the group that belong to different cities and work in different areas, the common denominator here is their passion towards work and their ability to connect with people and offer help. Because of their commitment and help, we are trying to formalize things and work better towards bringing in a change. With all these online discussions happening, I got a call from Sabin Muzaffar(Founder Ananke) that she is coming to Karachi and w

#iDroidUSA, #Android phones for the Generation Z!

Smartphones have brought out a massive change in our lives. We all know that nowadays, a great majority of people rely on their smartphones for connectivity, entertainment and even for work. Especially when it comes to Millennials and the generation after that “Generation Z”, a lot of these people haven’t seen a world without the internet and tech gadgets. For them, a smartphone is not just a comfort or convenience, rather a necessity and a way of life. Data shows us that we check our mobile devices every 6.5minutes and 91% of the people think that their smartphone is very important and for 60% it is even more important than coffee. A lot of survey participants (conducted by the Bank of America) stated that they couldn’t last a day without theirsmartphones . The above stats tell us how integrated our lives have become with smartphone technology and it’s the fastest way to communicate and have access to information. And with every passing day, we see better, lighter and