#iDroidUSA, #Android phones for the Generation Z!

Smartphones have brought out a massive change in our lives. We all know that nowadays, a great majority of people rely on their smartphones for connectivity, entertainment and even for work. Especially when it comes to Millennials and the generation after that “Generation Z”, a lot of these people haven’t seen a world without the internet and tech gadgets. For them, a smartphone is not just a comfort or convenience, rather a necessity and a way of life.

Data shows us that we check our mobile devices every 6.5minutes and 91% of the people think that their smartphone is very important and for 60% it is even more important than coffee. A lot of survey participants (conducted by the Bank of America) stated that they couldn’t last a day without theirsmartphones.

The above stats tell us how integrated our lives have become with smartphone technology and it’s the fastest way to communicate and have access to information. And with every passing day, we see better, lighter and faster phones being launched. Today, Smartphone brands have become a household name and we all know about the big players in the industry.

While searching for some international Smartphone brands, I came across the products of #iDroidUSA and I knew exactly that their story is blog worthy. #iDroidUSA was founded in 2014 as a smartphone and Tablet PC manufacturer with its main Headquarter in Houston, Texas, USA. It was founded by five desi technology entrepreneurs, Shahbaz Khan (Co-Founder & CEO), Zubeer Tariq (Co-Founder & CFO), Salman Chaudhry (Co-Founder & CSO), Adeel Naeem (Co-Founder & COO) and Jawad Qureshi (Co-Founder & CMO).

They basically founded an R&D firm with initial product focus on Android based Tablet PCs and launched their first array of Tablets under the brand “iDroid Play” and “iDroid Mini”. From there, they went on developing Tablets, Phablets and Smartphones. The company received an outstanding feedback on its early devices and started expanding to other regions. In the same year, they moved to Europe and Canada.

They scaled up their operations in the next two years and moved to South Africa and Middle East. During this time, they have launched a number of smart devices, including wearable technology. Recently they have launched a Smartphone with the most unusual feature of front camera flash which is one of its only kind in the market as yet. #iDroidUSA is also known for their own sound enhancing technology called iDro Beast which they have used in selected tablets and smartphones.

Right now, their website shows 12 Smartphones and 4 wearable tech devices. I was looking for some reviews on their smartphones and came across some very good reviews. The specs are good with respect to the price range as all of their smartphones are under 200 USD. I also found an article on an African Tech Magazine about the rapid sales and less than 1% warranty claims of #iDroidUSA smartphones

Now #iDroidUSA is expanding their business to Asia which is a good news to all local Tech and gadget enthusiasts as we all know that Pakistan is an emerging market for Smartphone Technology and many internationalplayers are planning to expand their business here.

Let’s see how the events unfold!

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