DabbayWalay - A new subscription box for personal care!

If you google what a subscription box is, you will find this description, “A subscription box is a recurring, physical delivery of niche products packaged as an experience and designed to offer additional value on top of the actual retail products contained in a box. Subscription boxes are a marketing strategy and a method of product distribution.”

So yeah, subscription boxes are for people who like to experiment with new products and like a good bargain deal (who doesn’t?). There are countless subscription box services available worldwide. These services cater different types of product categories, like food (drinks, desserts, cookies, vegan, tea/coffee, etc.), fashion (clothes, makeup, shoes, jewelry, etc.), heath & fitness, tech, books, stationary and several other niches. Now Pakistan is also catching up on this trend and we are seeing several new services popping up, majority of which are related to makeup and books.

Dabbaywalay is also a subscription box service but it is different because its target audience is anyone who hates to go out for shopping (have you seen Karachi’s roads?) and loves snail mail. Their promise is to help their customers save time and effort by providing them personal care products at their doorsteps. I first got to know about this service via a friend and decided to try it on!

I placed my order a week ago on Dabbaywalay.com and got my parcel after a week (that’s their usual delivery time for your first box). They have multiple categories, men, women, new born and 0-4 years. You can subscribe for a single month or a longer subscription period. I ordered the box from Women category for one month and I received a facewash, shower gel, hand sanitizer, deodorants (roll on and spray), shampoo, wipes, and two feminine care products. The products arrived in a dabba (no-brainer, ha!) and were undamaged.

Feminine care products are missing from this picture! 

I really liked this idea because it’s convenient and their website is fairly simple but I have few suggestions that can help improve the experience for me (Yup, I am selfish that way!).

  • The website needs some help with the UX and of course with testing.
  • They don’t ask you to fill any survey initially so you don’t get to choose the product categories you want to see and you have no idea which categories will show up next while curating your dabba.
  • I totally understand that it’s not a store (in the usual manner) so they can’t put all the brands or product categories in there but a little more flexibility would really help. For examples, I wanted to skip the shower gel (I use a different brand) and add toothbrush and cotton buds into my box, which I couldn't (Sad!).
  • The price range was nearly 3k and it didn’t cover all the products that I need, so maybe they can introduce different price ranges (5k, 7k, so on!).
  • Also, if you can add a feature where after every selection user can see the total so far, that would be awesome.
  • Would love to see boxes related to stationary/art and craft/office supplies, etc.

Overall, 3.5/5 for their current service. 

If you're someone like me, I would recommend you to go check out their website. All you have to do is to select your category, fill in your information, pickup your products and your dabba will reach you in time!

For more details on dabbaywalay:

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