#3Footwear - The New e-Store Is Live!

Internet is one of the greatest inventions that ever happened and its ability to give access to information within no time is an amazingly powerful tool. This power has made consumers smarter and the decision to pick the right products a little more complicated which has caused a major shift in consumer behavior. As we all know that Pakistan’s eCommerce market is in a phase of exponential growth and we see so many small businesses getting access to larger markets.  

The ability to sell their products/services online has given people an opportunity to start with little or no capital which was generally required for a brick and mortar enterprise. This has also given an upswing to home based businesses as now they can reach their intended audience without spending a lot of money.

3footwear is my favorite women led small business. It’s a shoe brand for women on the go and their unique selling proposition is comfort. They have shoes that are casual, chic and comfortable. The brand started in 2011 by three friends, Kanza Naheed, Mahrukh Isa and Saba Magsi and now after 6 years, it has converted into a well-known name.

They started selling their designs via Facebook and then turned towards Daraz.pk and later Sheops as their logistics partners. They are also using Instagram and Twitter for showcasing their beautiful shoes and to connect with their customers.

I have known Mahrukh for two years now as we both graduated from IBA’s WomenxPakistan program and since day one, I have been a huge fan of their comfortable and pretty designs. They have been participating in different craft fairs and exhibitions to showcase their designs and listen to customer feedback one-on-one. 

Recently they launched their online store and Mahrukh asked me to take a look, which I did and shopped too (because why not! :p). The whole process of placing the order went smoothly and I got my pair today. YAYY!

The website has a simple interface and you can complete the order process in three simple steps.

Step 1: Go to http://3footwear.com/shop/ and browse through the catalog and see what you like (you can also use price filter if you are looking for something in a specific range or sort by product categories, like pumps, flats, etc.)

Step 2: Click on the design that you like, it will take you to product description page (http://3footwear.com/product/f-braid/). Check the specifications, select your shoe size and quantity and press “Add to Cart” (you will find a size chart on this page as well, so you can measure your foot in inches and then check the size chart to find your right shoe size).

Step 3: Go to proceed to checkout, fill in your details, review your order, click on “Place Order” and you’re done!

You will get an email about your order and it will be delivered to you within a week’s time. In case of any questions, you can call them at 0324-2144336 and/or email at 3.footwear@gmail.com.

I am not good at photography but I want to show off my new shoes, so yeah, take a look! :D

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