Nine Amazing Resources for Early Stage Startups!

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Learning is what keeps us on track in this race of success and the best medium to learn things is the Internet. We all know how to make use of it in our daily life to get connected and stay informed, on both personal and professional level.

As an entrepreneur, we all have our strengths and weaknesses and when it comes to learning things online, we all have been to the stage where we google something, find hundreds and thousands of results coming up according to the relevance of our search terms and get really confused about which resource to pick and invest our precious time in it.

Over the period of time, I have been asked some repeated questions about the common problems faced by fellow entrepreneurs. Sometimes, these questions have simple answers but a lot of times, the answers are complicated and require learning and deliberation. In the latter case, I always redirect people towards these amazing resources that I have found online and I stick to them whenever I need help.

I am listing these for you. Take a look! 

Q1: I want to launch a website for my business. I need some pointers about it.
A1: You should check this ultimate website launch checklist. It’s easy to understand and covers almost all of the things you should take care of while going towards this important milestone. It will even help you with doing some basic website testing.

Q2: How do I write a kickass business plan?
A1: Here is a very interesting guide to write a kickass business plan for your startup. It will help you in formulating a story for your idea and identify problem areas beforehand.

Q3: I want to know about Content Marketing and how can it help my business?
A1: I have two resources for you. One resource is a step-by step guide to device an excellent Content Marketing Strategy. This is one of the best resources I came across, it’s quite detailed and will surely teach you a lot about this new form of marketing.
Second resource is a list of killer ideas for your Social Media Content, the list is well written and will give you some great content ideas for your business page (you're welcome!).

Q4: How does startup funding work?
A1: I always redirect people to this excellent article by Ben Yoskovitz. It includes tips and further resources on the topic. You can also ask questions in the comments section.

Q5: What is the difference between an incubator and an accelerator?
A5: As a developing country, our entrepreneurial ecosystem is still developing and with the rise of startup culture, incubators and accelerators come in the scene to support this process of business growth and revenue generation. If you want to learn more about this topic, this is going to be a good read for you.

Q6: Where does your inspiration come from?
A6: Honestly, there is no easy answer for this question, but I tend to read and watch a lot of TEDTalks. I encourage everyone to do the same. If you are an entrepreneur and want to get inspired. This is going to be a massive dose of inspiration for you.

Q7: I need someone to guide me about starting up my own venture. Is this possible?
A7: Yes, It is. But this someone is not a person, but a website ran by a group of people, check this excellent website for all your startup related questions.

The other resource is an article by Neil Patel for beginners in Entrepreneurship. He has listed the tasks and the related resources for you. It’s simple and brilliant!

I do hope these resources will help you in launching/running your businesses. Hit me with your questions and/or comments. If you want to talk, twitter is the place to catch me

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