#IATC 2017 Awards - An initiative for social change by Engro Foundation!

I Am The Change is a social change initiative by Engro Foundation that aims at finding and highlighting people who are working for the massive social issues like health, education and citizen livelihood. The idea is to select these change agents and honor them for all of their services and to highlight their stories in the mainstream media. Since 2012, they have selected various philanthropic and social enterprises for this award and these awardees were given massive support from Engro Foundation, these winners include, Akhuwat Foundation, Lettuce Bee Kids and The Garage School.

Last Friday, Engro Foundation hosted a dinner for bloggers to launch this year’s IATC Awards. I was invited as one of the guests and we were briefed about Engro Foundation and IATC. The presentations were great and full of insights into how they are helping the poorest of the poor of this country in improving their lives. It was launched in 2009 and since then, they have worked on some really impactful projects. Their focus is on sustainable future which includes environmental initiatives, women empowerment and talent management. They have also made partnerships with leading organizations in the world, including The World Bank, USAID, WWF and United Nations Global Compact.

Out of all their projects, I was really interested in their “Pathways to Success” and “Women Entrepreneur Livestock Development”. These projects were focused on empowering young girls by giving them vocational training and also training women on growing their livestock and dairy businesses. The idea is to give them access to opportunities so that they can grow themselves and make a better living. They are also working on increasing social entrepreneurship opportunities in the areas of Energy, Healthcare, Education and Agriculture. EF is keen to develop more partnerships with global leaders and government bodies to help create a sustainable future. They believe that businesses need to get more responsible and inclusive so that every stakeholder can be benefited and better relationships are cultivated.

Engro Foundation’s IATC has a mission to empower organizations to make a large and sustainable impact in the social sector of Pakistan and for that, they have decided to grant four million PKR for both IATC Impact Award for Social Development and Social Enterprise. They have laid down the terms for both of these awards on their website and you can apply for either one of these by 12th of September, 2017.

The winner of the IATC Impact Awards by Engro Foundation will be informed mid-November and the announcement will be made public on 28th of November, 2017 at a media meet in Islamabad which will be followed by a closing ceremony.

If you know someone who is running a social enterprise or a non-profit, direct them to IATC’s website and in case of any confusion, you can tweet to IATC and their team will help you in filling up the application. You can also see their Facebook Page for more details. 

Mission hai Pakistan! 

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