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Agile Transformation – What is it about?

Image source: Google “We need Agile urgently!” I heard our director saying this in a meeting after coming from an international trip where someone mentioned it to him during a sales meeting. “Our teams are getting out of our control and I think Agile is the way to fix it!” I was staring at him and thinking about all the stupid shit I have done in my life and taking up this job was the biggest of all (trust me, it was). “I thought you were a qualified PM and you never even mentioned it once that we can use it to fix the problem. Did you even know what Agile is? I was told that it doesn’t have a PM, so you are scared of losing your job, am I right?” This was directed towards me and I couldn’t say anything. Just lots and lots of internal screaming! Have you ever been to a situation like this where your efforts for cultural change were shot down every time and then you hear someone selling Agile to your C-level management? If yes, my sympathies! This story is no

Business Incubation Program by IBA, AF and USAID - Experience Report

This post is my experience report on the “Business Incubation Program for Women Home-Based Workers” that happened in collaboration with IBA and Aurat Foundation and was funded by USAID . Back in May, 2016 I received a call from Soha Zulfiqar (Manager Women Entrepreneurship Program – IBA CED), she told me that they have a project for me and that I should come and meet with her and Dr. Shahid Qureshi (Director – IBA CED). I met them and were briefed about the program, we discussed the scope, terms and over the coming weeks we were to develop a course outline and see if it is fit for our intended audience. The content was in Urdu (as it's our national language) and every participant were to get a practice book that they can take home.  The program was in collaboration with Aurat Foundation under their Gender Equity Program (GEP) sponsored by USAID  and the orientation happened in January, 2017 .  Two cohorts were planned for this program, one in Karachi and the o