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#WomenInTechPK – Blockchain Meetup Roundup!

Blockchain is one of most buzzing terms you can hear in the tech industry these days and people are showing interest in getting to know the underlying technology and its applications. We have been seeing a lot of questions about it in our community so we decided to do a session on 20 th January, 2018 and invited Anam Hijab as a speaker, she works with Nordic Blockchain Association and came all the way from Denmark. The talk was about the fundamentals of blackchain and its applications and  Anam kept her focus on three main applications, Cryptocurrency, Digital Identity and Smart Contracts. She spoke about the ways in which cryptocurrency can help empower women by making them a part of the international trade. It can help give access to the women who are in areas where banking hasn’t reached or the process is really complicated, it is also way faster than the conventional banking procedures and is exceptionally secure. If you want to know more about  cryptocurrencies , especia