#EnchanteSilver - E-Store Launch!

If you have been following me on social media for a while, you must have noticed by now that I prefer to support and buy from small businesses, especially the ones led by women. These small businesses are the backbone of any economy and to support them is to play your part in building a booming economy and entrepreneurial ecosystem. Pakistan is now known as one of the most promising emerging economies in the world with a thriving ecosystem and an abundance of talent. In this era of opportunities, we are also seeing a surge in women owned businesses, especially in major cities, like Karachi and Lahore.

Enchante is one of those businesses that have grown with a steady pace over the past four years and has built an excellent reputation along the way. The CEO of the company, Sukaina Abbas, is a talented jewelry designer with a sharp business acumen, she started this company with a vision of making authentic and handcrafted silver jewelry for today’s modern woman but now does some custom pieces for men as well. Her designs are exquisite and very intricate when it comes to the craftsmanship, she specializes in contemporary jewelry along with the signature series which is in collaboration with an Iranian Artist Hojat Amani. Sukaina has showcased her work at numerous exhibitions and has also partnered with a big gifting company, she is looking forward to expand her clientele within and outside the country. 

Her brand, Enchante has used Facebook as their primary channel for online sales but few weeks ago they have launched their e-store to make sure that their customers can order with ease. Here is a little guide for you to place an order at www.enchantesilver.com along with visual aid. 

Step 01: Go to www.enchantesilver.com. You can sort and see jewelry by product categories, by collection or by tags.

Enchante Silver's Home Page

Products Sorted by Collection

Products Sorted by Category

Step 02: Click on the item that you like, check details and Add to Cart. 

See Product Details 

Add Product to the Cart

Step 03: View your cart, add the promo code “storeopening” (valid till 28th February to avail free shipping”) and click proceed to check out.

See Order Details and Proceed

Step 04: Enter your details, select your payment method (Cash on Delivery or Easy Pay), accept the terms and conditions and click on “Place Order”.

Choose Payment Method

In case of selecting Easy Pay, clicking "Place Order" will redirect you to EasyPay's portal for making the payment. 

Step 05: You will see a thank you screen and receive an email with your order details. Confirmation email will be sent when the order is marked by Enchante’s team. 

Thank You Screen

In my case, I received extra instructions because I placed an order for a ring. The usual delivery time is 2 weeks.

Step 06: If you are looking to place an order for the signature series, you can email/call or send them a Facebook inbox message and get one-on-one consultation with their team. 

Drop a Line

The order placement process is simple and will hardy take 5 minutes because the website is well thought-out and user friendly. Enchante is known for its excellent customer service and quick response and you will find the team extremely helpful. If you are confused about picking up a present for someone (story of my life!), they will help you pick the right present within your budget.

The designs are artistic, ornate and absolutely gorgeous. They only make pieces in sterling silver and use the best quality semi-precious and precious stones. As they have stated on their website "Every piece reflects our commitment to excellence in quality and finish". 

I am so happy to see this small business growing and working its way up. Sukaina is a dear friend and an excellent conversationalist. You can find her on twitter

For seeing her work, check the links below:

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