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"Agile Transformation with Remote Teams" - My keynote from #AgileTD

Main Statement: Working with remote teams is a challenge in itself but when it comes to helping these teams embrace agile, it opens up a Pandora box of differences and fragmented communication. This talk is about my experience of helping remote teams with agile transformation and how we (as a team) learned to optimize our ways to take leverage of these difference and to ensure smooth collaboration and open communication. Key Takeaways: Remote teams have different dynamics than on-site teams and these dynamics can be leveraged to create a culture of trust and shared vision. Coaching people virtually requires shared values and language, one to one informal discussions, leveraging technology for better communication and the ability to empathize. Understanding pain points can become a challenge when you are not physically with the team, finding a work around to this road block can save time and clear out misconceptions. Abstract: Agile Transformation becomes