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The best books I read in 2020!

Image source:  2020 has so far been the year of chaos, grief, and anxiety. I lost a few dear ones to this terrible virus and spent a lot of time trying to feel less overwhelmed. I started this year intending to read 30 books as I went back to working as a full-time employee after six years. But it turned out that the more shit I feel, the more I fall back to my kindle.  So I read over 70 books, and the year hasn’t ended yet. I am making this list today as I posted one last year on the same day , and I want to make it a tradition.  This year has been a year of fiction, to be precise, the year of fantasy fiction. Below is my list in no particular order. I wanted to add all books from N. K Jemisin’s broken earth trilogy, and the same goes for S. A Chakraborty’s Deavabad trilogy, but I didn’t because once you pick up the first book, you will go through the whole trilogy as quickly as humanly possible.  So here it goes!